Return and cancelletions policy

1. With the exception of cases when withdrawal from the agreement is excluded, the User may withdraw from the agreement pursuant to provisions of Section 1829 (1) of the Civil Code, within fourteen (14) days from the Agreement date. The withdrawal from the agreement must be delivered to the Provider in a proven way to the Provider´s address within fourteen (14) days from the agreement day. In the case of User´s withdrawal from the agreement for provision of the Services in the situation when the Provider already initiated performance under the Agreement per express request of the User prior to expiry of the term for withdrawal, the User shall pay to the Provider the proportional part of the agreed price for the performance provided until withdrawal from the Agreement.

2. The Provider shall refund to the user all amounts received from the User under the agreement within 14 days upon withdrawal from the agreement and applying the same payment method as used by the User.